Big Chinese auto maker paints with Grundfos

New NKG pump range provides reliability for Foton

Grundfos supplies the painting solution pumps for Foton, one of China’s biggest truck manufacturers.

The Situation

Beiqi Foton Motor Co. was building a new automotive factory in Beijing. As one of China’s biggest manufacturers of heavy trucks, Foton knew Grundfos as a pump supplier for its machine tools and water utilities. But the company did not know about Grundfos’ new NKG pumps, which provide a durable solution for automotive painting.

Painting workshops – one of the key applications of automotive production – typically run 24 hours a day. Foton thus pays careful attention to the quality of its machinery, and in the painting process, pumps are one of the vital components. Thus, Foton needed high quality, reliable pumps for its new workshop.

The high-quality Grundfos pumps provide high reliability. Grundfos’s timely service and technical support impress us deeply.Mr. Long Wei, Project Director, Scivic Engineering Co., Ltd.

The Grundfos Solution

Grundfos held seminars for Foton and its painting contractor, Scivic Engineering Co., Ltd., on the now-complete, full-line supply of Grundfos pumps for the automotive sector. The talks focused around the new Grundfos NKG pump range.

The NKG is built to work in the three main parts of automotive painting: pre-treatment, e-coating and wastewater treatment. E-coating requires not only stainless steel components but also double shaft seal pumps, which are available in the NKG range.

Foton and Scivic were convinced that Grundfos could provide a top quality product faster and cheaper than other alternatives. They were happy with their previous experience with Grundfos’ sales support, service network and product range. Not only did Grundfos provide pumps for the new plant’s wastewater circulation, but Foton and Scivic agreed to test the NKG in the new plant.

The Outcome

Scivic bought more than 50 Grundfos units – almost half of them NKG pumps – for Foton’s new painting facility. All pumps are operating well, and Foton is satisfied with the pump quality and cooperation with Grundfos. 

 "The Foton painting workshop has been running for more than ten months,” says Mr. Long Wei, Project Director at Scivic. “The high-quality Grundfos pumps provide high reliability, so we have no worries about keeping our system running. Grundfos’s timely service and technical support also impress us deeply," he says.

About Foton

Beiqi Foton Motor Co. is based in Beijing, China. It has more than 30,000 employees and reached sales of more than 680,000 vehicles in 2010. Foton manufactures light and heavy duty trucks, agricultural tractors and other machinery.

Grundfos provided:

  • Pumps for pre-treatment, eco-painting and wastewater
  • Timely service
  • Reliability
  • Full-line supply