Ogura brakes use of leaky plunger pumps

Grundfos MTS high-pressure pumps now in Ogura’s cooling systems

Ogura was having serious problems with its plunger pump system in its machining cooling system. As the pumps wore down, they started to leak heavily, creating an undesirable workplace hazard. Ogura – the world’s largest manufacturer of mechanical clutches and brakes – accepted minor leakages, but it did not accept leaks to the exterior surroundings. With the rising industry requirements to safety, compactness and reduced noise, Ogura decided to look for a better alternative.

High-pressure advantages
Ogura has produced cooling systems using plunger pumps for many years, so was therefore dubious of other solutions. It was willing to try a Grundfos MTS high-pressure screw pump.



The MTS pump compresses the machining fluid and sprays it through a high-pressure nozzle, flushing the chips that adhere to products and tools, thus contributing to the reduction of minor production downtime.

Previously, the machine needed a separate system to introduce cooling lubricant, due to the precision and diversity of metal processing. The MTS could pump cooling lubricant directly from the tool itself, securing a fast and stable process.

In addition, the Grundfos MTS is more compact than the plunger pump – and it eliminated the pulsation and noise that was previously a big problem for Ogura.

Furthermore, Grundfos Japan installed the MTS over the tank, so even if it should leak, Ogura would not experience leakage problems outside the machine.

The outcome

Ogura adopted Grundfos’ high pressure MTS screw pump as an integrated part of the company’s top selling equipment. To ensure that Grundfos is able to meet Ogura’s demand for efficiency and innovation, the two companies are in close dialogue and constantly seeking to adapt new pump solutions to the requirements.

About Ogura
Orgura, founded in 1938, is the world’s largest manufacturer of mechanical clutches and brakes. With headquarters in Gunma, Japan, Ogura also produces machine tools, construction machines and industrial machines, including jet coolant systems. Ogura’s machining operations require extremely high tolerances, so the company developed a rapid cooler for this purpose, the Ogura Jet Cooler.



Coolant pump runs with built-in speed control

Higher pressure and less filtration needs for the Grundfos MTRE.

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