Victor Taichung: No News is Good News

Video: Machine tool maker enjoys sound of no complaints

Wayne Hsueh jokes that he is an “old man” at the Victor Taichung Machinery Works factory in Taichung, Taiwan, since he has been there for 20 years. For as long as he can remember, the company has installed Grundfos pumps in its products.

“I don’t want to sell trouble to the customer. That’s the reason why Grundfos products continue to be used in our products.”- Wayne Hsueh, Overseas Marketing Sales Manager, Victor Taichung

“We get no complaints from customers,” says Wayne Hsueh, who is responsible for overseas marketing and sales for Victor Taichung’s metal cutting machine tools.

He says his company’s use of Grundfos products boils down to three things: the pumps’ reliability, the global Grundfos service and support (see video), plus something quite basic.

“Sometimes sales people like me are lazy,” he says with a smile. “I don’t want to sell trouble to the customer. If the customer doesn’t complain, then I will keep using it. That’s the reason why Grundfos products continue to be used. And the pumps only get better and better, with higher and higher pressures. So we keep introducing them, and our customers also benefit.”

See Victor in Grundfos film ‘A Day’
Victor Taichung features prominently in Grundfos Indsutry’s 2012 image film, “A Day.” In this short film, we see a few of the ways Grundfos pumps handle all kinds of liquids all over the world.

Facts on Grundfos Supply
Company: Victor Taichung Machinery Works Co., Ltd.
Location: Taichung, Taiwan
What they do: Victor-Taichung produces machine tools: CNC lathes and machining centres. The company installs Grundfos pumps not only in the machine tools it manufacturers but also throughout its own manufacturing plant.
Liquids pumped: Cooling lubricants, cleaning solution
Applications: Cooling, wash-down, and high-pressure pumps for deep-hole machining, turning, milling, filtration and bar-conveyor machines
Grundfos Pumps:
For CTS high-pressure applications: CRNE, CRK, MTR and MTS
For cooling and wash-down: MTA, MTA, SPK and CM.