Coarse chips pass right through new filtering pump

Grundfos MTA range offers several sizes with high pump and motor efficiency

Grundfos is getting "dirty" in the machining industry.
The company is launching the MTA range of pumps for filtering systems. These single-stage, immersible pumps can efficiently handle the passing of abrasive particles and chips up to 10 mm in size. The MTA removes liquid from any machining process, including boring, milling, grinding and more.

"Now we cover both sides of the machine tool centre - the clean side in and the dirty side out," says Kent Kynde, business development manager.

The MTA brings Grundfos into a new application area, Kynde adds. "For machine tools, we're market leaders, but we haven't had dedicated products for the filtration side until now," he says.

"This gives us the widest product program for immersible pumps. That's a benefit for our customers. Now they can get basically everything."

The range

The full range
covers all voltages as well as capacities from zero to 350 litres per minute in a wide variety of installation depths. In addition to the regular bottom suction unit, the MTA features a top-suction option that comes with a new vortex prevention device to ensure reliable performance.

It performs with top electrical and hydraulic efficiency, Kynde says. Furthermore, the biggest size - 750 w - fulfils all the international standards for high efficiency motors, including Europe's new directive for Eco-Design of Energy Using Products (EuP).

Grundfos plans to begin its MTA launch in Asia in March, followed later this year in Europe and USA.

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