Coolant pump runs with built-in speed control

Higher pressure and less filtration needs for the Grundfos MTRE

The Grundfos MTR centrifugal pump line now comes with a built-in frequency converter, or “E-motor,” for speed control.

The new MTRE pumps for coolants and condensates have other advantages, too, according to Jørgen Hansen, Grundfos Product Specialist. The MTRE handles up to 38 bar of pressure, whereas the standard MTR goes to just 25 bar.

In addition, the MTRE does not need a pressure relief valve, in contrast to screw pumps or positive displacement pumps, says Hansen. While those other pumps require a high degree of filtration (down to 50 microns), the MTRE does not – able to handle particles of up to 1 mm in size.

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The Grundfos MTRE pumps for coolants

The Grundfos MTRE pumps for coolants

Pre-assembled unit keeps cool under pressure

Grundfos now offers a complete “plug-and-play” pumping unit for coolant filtration systems.

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