Design your optimal coolant system

Grundfos Design Tool can cut part costs by 16%

Pumps consume about 35% of a typical machine tool machine's energy consumption. Many of these units supply cooling lubricant to cutting processes.

Pumps used in this application are frequently under-dimensioned, significantly over-dimensioned or simply do not run at the optimum duty point with regard to flow quantities and pressures/delivery head. Thus, they usually operate in a less than cost-effective manner.

Energy amounts to an estimated 85% of the total life-cycle costs of a pump. Machine tool users can thus save significant amounts of money with a process-specific, adapted selection of a pump and design of the entire cooling lubricant supply system. The Grundfos Design Tool enables professional and optimum configuration of a cooling lubricant supply system in a simple and understandable manner.

Determining the unknown factors

Many pump users do not know the high potential of cost savings that lie in the line between pumps and machining processes. Until now it has been difficult to establish the impact of this. On the one hand, the general amount of cooling lubricant necessary for a specific processing task is often unknown. On the other hand, there is a lack of knowledge over which pump performance data are capable of supplying a specific, required amount of cooling lubricant to the processing in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Based on these needs, Grundfos asked Grindaix GmbH at WZL - the Laboratory for Machine Tools and Production Engineering at RWTH Aachen University - to co-develop the Grundfos Design Tool.
This tool is now available here.

For the first time, professional machine tool designers can configure the entire supply system and select the optimum pump for a defined processing task, guided by this user-friendly, interpretive application.

How does the tool benefit the user?

The Grundfos Design Tool offers the user appropriate cooling lubricant usage conditions (volume flow rate, discharge speed) according to the processing task specification. It calculates cooling nozzle pressure loss for a wide range of nozzle types.

The tool automatically displays a pump's desired duty point by using the configuration of the entire supply line between the pump and the discharge nozzles - consisting of the existing piping, hose sections and all fixtures such as valves.

With the duty point defined, the user can then select the best pump with the lowest operating costs from the wide range of Grundfos products, taking into consideration the initial expense and the resulting energy consumption costs. In the event of varying processing tasks or changing requirements of cooling lubricant supply to a machine tool, several duty points can also be calculated and taken into account.

Frequency control option

The Grundfos Design Tool also offers the opportunity to assess whether a frequency-controlled adjustable pump is the appropriate solution. Although these pumps present a higher initial investment, they offer considerable energy savings opportunities, since they can be adapted to different performance requirements.

The tool therefore provides the user with wide-ranging benefits that have not been previously available - from the selection of the optimum pump for a specific machining application, evaluation of whether the conditions and components currently used are suitable for the process, to system optimisation in relation to nozzles, pipe systems and pumps, including calculation of the energy savings potential.

Less cooling lubricant will also allow secondary cost-saving opportunities in relation to cooling lubricant maintenance and repair, for example, or preparation/filtration technology, as well as air exhaustion systems and waste disposal. Summarizing all these primary and secondary effects on a coolant system, Grundfos Design Tool can cut costs up to 16% per part produced.

By Dr. Dirk Friedrich and Dr. Bastian Maier
Managing partners, Grindaix GmbH

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