First automotive seminar in Asia

India's 'Detroit' hosts Grundfos event

Grundfos hosted the first automotive seminar in the company's history in Chennai, India, in October. Thirty Grundfos Asian automotive specialists and 40 external customers from the automobile industry came together to share insights and knowledge on applications and Grundfos products.

The 2-day seminar was held in the city that has become known as the "Detroit of South Asia" for its high concentration of automotive manufacturing.

Grundfos is a new player in the automotive business. It offers a full-line supply to the industry - from pressing/welding, machining and pre-treatment/painting to utility areas like fire fighting, water treatment, water boosting and more.

Automotive Seminar, India.

Customers showed a high interest in the Grundfos pump- and energy audits, according to feedback after the event. For these audit services, a Grundfos specialists visit a company to check where it can save energy and money in its use of pumps and related systems.

Overall, seminar participants learned why the automotive industry is important for Grundfos, sales patterns of today and tomorrow and what Grundfos offers its customers.

For more information, or to enquire about future seminars in your region, please contact your regional Machining Industry Competence Centre.