Grundfos knowhow in demand

It is not only Grundfos pump solutions in demand - but also the know-how of Grundfos' skilled employees.

The organisers behind the European Forum on Metalworking Fluids invited Grundfos's Holger Fritzsche, Regional Manager EU Machining Industry, to speak on the possibilities of efficient pumping systems in metalworking fluid systems.

We can be proud of saying: We are a full-line supplier - not only concerning products. Holger Fritzsche

Holger Fritzsche, Regional Manager EU-Machining Industry, Grundfos.

We asked Mr. Fritzsche about what Grundfos can offer to this specific industry shortly before he stepped up to the lectern.

The conference deals with key challenges of metalworking fluids in the automotive industry. What can Grundfos offer this industry?

Holger Fritzsche: We offer a wide range of products - not only related to industry processes but even more to all building service applications like heating systems, air conditioning, water supply and wastewater treatment. Much more important is the fact that we provide many support solutions and competences, such as: pump and booster systems with integrated controls and frequency-controlled drives, our long-term experience in finding energy guzzlers with our pump audits, training and workshops, and by providing our new Grundfos Design Tool for optimising coolant systems. We can be proud of saying: We are a full line supplier - not only concerning products.