Service with substance

Because much of a service package isn’t something you can actually see or touch, customers are often unsure if their investment is really paying off, or even what is available. After all, products have substance you can feel. Services do not. Or do they?

In many industries, service used to be no more than a lofty promise to show up if anything went wrong. At Grundfos, we’ve created a service portfolio of tangible products, solutions with substance that can be seen, touched and analysed.

By Sean Xie, General Manager, Grundfos Pumps (Chongqing) Co., Ltd.

By Nanna Aage Lundsgaard, Business Development Manager, Grundfos Corporate Service

All along the value chain
Service has a value-adding effect all along the value chain. An engineering solutions provider in Germany, for example, may use our Consultancy services to specify the optimal pump for an OEM machine. The OEM machining company in Japan then incorporates that pump into its machine, securing its investment with Grundfos Spare Parts & Service Kits and Optimisation & Consultancy solutions. The end user reaps the benefits, while taking advantage of other Grundfos service products like Repair & Maintenance, Installation & Operation, and Surveillance & Mobility.

Spare Parts & Service Kits
For the machining industry in particular, Grundfos Spare Parts & Service Kits are something that all OEM machining companies require in order to keep machines running optimally and uptime at a maximum. High-quality, original spare parts not only have a direct bearing on their own business; they have direct tangible benefits for their end user customers as well.

When Grundfos provided support to Chinese automotive engine manufacturer Dongan Engine by replacing more than 110 pumps in their production and utility systems, production stability was ensured through a service package that included Grundfos Spare Parts & Service Kits. The result, says Dongan Assistant Manager Hao Li Hui, was a “guarantee for reliability and consistency in our engine production.”

Optimisation & Consultancy
With Optimisation & Consultancy, we’ve put increased focus on energy optimization for the benefit of both OEMs and their customers. Pumps account for 10% of the world’s total electricity consumption, and real savings can be had by switching to more energy-efficient units. The potential for energy savings from a routine Grundfos energy check or pump audit often results in 30-80% energy savings, with a payback period of less than two years. That’s a selling point that machining companies ought to be communicating to their customers.

Together with Grundfos, Japanese tyre manufacturer Yokohama Rubber sought ways to reduce its energy consumption and lower its carbon footprint. After undergoing a pump audit, the company found it had drastically reduced its energy consumption by 51% and in the first year alone saved around €40,000, not to mention a substantial reduction in CO2 emissions.

Furthermore, because national and international legislation increasingly demands that electrical equipment comply with minimum energy efficiency standards – and pumps are no exception – professional end users face increasing requirements to save energy and CO2. Yokohama Rubber’s pump audit helped the company meet its waste-emission and energy-conservation targets while contributing to Japan's electricity-saving movement.

Global perspective
The value of a truly global service provider cannot be overstated. Because machining OEMs no longer work only in their local country, they expect service and spare parts to reach them wherever they are in the world, 24/7. And because Grundfos Service & Solutions has supported professional end users directly on a daily basis all across the globe for decades, we possess valuable industry and application know-how that can help OEMs to better deal with their customers.

Supporting OEM business
Like our customers in the machining industry, we’re a production and engineering company. We talk the same language of quality and reliability. Machining OEMs should look to us as a partner who can help them to overcome some of the service issues they have with their customers.

Our expertise in customised service consultancy, training or other competencies helps OEMs to better support their customers. Our consultancy services can assist in selecting the right product or replacement product for each application while hands-on training in parts replacement and pump maintenance keeps downtime at a minimum and machines operating optimally. And as we’ve seen, the benefits of working with customers to optimise energy are great.

Knowing that we provide these tangible service products can be a strong argument for an OEM to go to their customer to say, “We use knowledgeable, global suppliers that can help you achieve real results that can be seen.” With that in hand, the era of vague service products may be over.